AsTide - Art for Social Transformation and Intercultural Dialogue in Europe NETWORKS

this wiki is a tool for sharing information and documents in the working process of AsTide Networks, EU funded:

AS_TIDE NETWORKS is a project that aims at constituting a European network of cultural centres and operators dedicated to intercultural dialogue and socio-economical development, to analyse and promote the sense of collective identity through different cultures in Europe.
In this context, and in a vision enlarged also out of Europe borders, art, and its universality, becomes the tool, the language, the mediator, the source of highly innovative approaches and processes to the social transformation.
Art can be viewed not only as self expression of the artist as an absolute but in a plurality of pronunciations about imposed visions of the world, the society and the history. In fact, a certain degree of freedom and an innovative creative approach "by profession" allow the artists to play a new kind of role in the social fabric and in the society they live in, the one of catalysers and facilitators of social transformation with an etherodox approach to art.
The project acts on 3 levels: 1 education, 2 actions, 3 diffusion.
through the Multicultural residence Unidee-University of Ideas ( a 4 months highly specialistic course for 20 students and graduates, artists and professionals from any country in the world. Aim of this course is training artists and representatives coming from the different nodes of the AS_TIDE Networks to enable themselves as activators of glocal processes for social transformation and intercultural dialogue in Europe.
through 4 Interdisciplinary Workshops of Participatory Social Design: in each partners territory for 20 participants from social and cultural workers, intercultural associations, creative industries enterpreneurs, local development officials and key players. Workshops aim is to initiate or contribute to existing processes of social transformation bringing inspirations, best practices and innovative creative approach.
through a dedicated website;
a six-monthly magazine distributed in the co-partners premises;
a final conference in Brussell, in order to bring in the very heart of EU the experiences and the developed visions.
Art can play a innovative role in the approach to some of challenges society faces today: social inclusion, glocally sustainable economic development, intercultural dialogue, post industrial productive fabric.
Aim of the project is to develop the use of art and cultural activities in order to:
- combat cultural misunderstanding;
- creating a spirit of cooperation by the development of joint actions;
- to increase mobility of young people, encouraging exchange and joint creation;
- to create a critical mass of artists and cultural operators, within different disciplines, that operate towards the responsible transformation of society, fostering intercultural dialogue;
- to promote differences as source of union and not of conflicts;
- to promote cultural differences in the European area as basis for the creation of a shared European Identity;
- through a network of socially engaged art centers (institutions, artists, schools and creative people).Then there are some things you need to know

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