Brussels Final Event

this page summarizes the decisions partners made on the Partners Meeting held in Malta, friday 13 and saturday 14 March 2009.

Chris Gatt, director, St. James Cavalier
Luise Kloos, founder, Next
Pedro Soler, director, Hangar
Paolo Naldini, director, Cittadellarte
Elisa Cicero, Administration Cittadellarte

Sara Falconi, Atelier
Natasha Borg, Atelier

Filippo Fabbrica, Love Difference*
Emanuela Baldi, Love Difference*

  • friday only


Wednesday the 29th of April, from 17.30 to about 20.00
We will have an up to 150 (still to be decided) conference room on the premises of the EU Parliament.

Aim of the event:

1. visibilizing what was done,
2. planting seeds for further developments of Astide and of the Untranslatables project
3. bringing together many of those involved in the different workshops
4. and, also, a strategic opportunity (especially for the partners who come from other countries) to bring to brussels their stakeholders or people they will want to work with.

Conference program

There will be a quick speech by On. Gianluca Susta, Italian MEP who is hosting us.
Michelangelo Pistoletto to deliver a 10/15 minutes lectio on art - societal change - intercultural dialogue etc…
Paolo Naldini will present an overview of Astide and the UNIDEE activities.
Luise proposed, as already suggested in Brussels, a very interesting concert of 14 musicians; from austrian folk music to india and back, any cultural artistic transformation? Here is a short intro.
She will also present a publication that documents Heimat workshop mainly, but also the other activities (i will forward her email where she asks for materials from all of us who want to be included in this publication, as it is rational to be) from other workshops and from the Unidee preparatory residence.
Pedro will invite the participants to the Barcelona Astide workshop who are now setting up a constant activity of video and web tv production in hangar. They will webstream the whole event (if burotechincalities allow) and present their video works.
St. James will invite the director of Marsa open centre and present the issues and results of the workshop.
deBuren will have about 15 minutes to present their centre and workshop.
The Astide artists will make a performance about the Untranslatables and they will present the publication.
There will be a light finger food aperitive offered in the EP building.

17.30: Gianluca Susta, MEP, opening
17.40: Michelangelo Pistoletto, artist, founder of Cittadellarte: introductory lectio (Art and Societal Change)
17.55: EC Commissioner or EC Culture Directorate Responsible
18.05: Paolo Naldini, Cittadellarte, Managing Director: AsTide Project, overview
18.15: Concert
18.45: Presentation "HEIMAT" Workshop held in Graz, and its printed publication
18.55: Untranslatables: performance and presentation of the publication
19.10: Presentation "A Shared Portrait", Workhop held in Malta
19.20: Presentation Hangar WebTv Laboratory, outcome of Barcelona workshop
19.30: Presentation of workshop held in Brussels
19.40: Conclusions_Gianluca Susta


There will be a dinner for about 40/50 invitees, offered by Italian MEP.
Everyone should kindly let Paolo know how many persons they would like to participate from deBuren's.
A list will be put on astide wiki for everyone to integrate and check.
In any case, for the immediate moment or if you find it easier, just send me your list and i will put it on the wiki. We will invite musicians and artists, of course, which takes to about 20 already, then we have about 4 persons for each partner, but we will also see who is invited from every partner and from the MEP himself; should we be more than 40, we will pay for the extra people with the Astide budget.

So, please, if anyone has any suggestions of persons we could invite in relations to the above mentioned aims, do let Paolo know.

Also: since it is going to be difficult to find a place and we wouldn't like it to be a normal restaurant, does anybody have any ideas of a place that might be appropiate and interesting? The bill would be payed by the MEP and if necessary by Astide Final Event budget.

List of invitees

We are envisaging at least 100 people. We (partners staff and artists) are about 40/50. Then there are the participants to your workshop who live in Brussels or nearby. We can invite people form the EU commission related to Astide, to Intercultural dialogue and Arts, to publications. Of course journalists. People fro the Culture, from Politics, from Media…


We will need to have their NAME SURNAME and ID number, which is a nuisance but we need to access the building, as you will know.

CITTADELLARTE is preparing an electronic invitation by thursday that we can use.


We approved with enthusiasm the Untranslatables.
We will print the first 1500 copies and present them at the final event.
We discussed about the possible developments of the Untranslatable Project and Publication.
And we approved the idea and aims of the website that will be ready by the end of the month (more info will follow)

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