Coord Meeting Brussels

Coordination Meeting in Brussels
10th -11th May 2008

Participants: Dorian van der Brempt, Pedro Soler, Luise Kloos, Cristoph Schwarz, Filippo Fabbrica, Emanuela Baldi, Cristiana Bottigella, Paolo Naldini, Elisa Cicero.

Saturday 10th May h 16.30-18.30

_Recap and discussion about the objectives and structure of the project on the basis of the text of the project presented to the Commission.
_Recap and discussion about the methodology used by Love Difference and deBuren in coordinating the Workshops.
Even if starting from common visions and with the usage of the same definitions, the approach to the workshop does not result uniform. There emerges the necessity of a longer and deeper period of shared planning.
Filippo proposes two/three days of collective work among the organizers for each workshop, to be carried out at least one month before the beginning of the ws.
_Evaluation of the Workshop in Brussels.
First evaluation (resulting from the post workshop conversation):
Check of the objectives
develop a group reflection on the social responsibility in an orizontal and comprehensive way: 100%
increase the consciousness of the group as resource: 50%
increase the awareness that the new points of view on the context start the transformation: 40%
communicate the goals of the As Tide project in a shared way: 80%
the participants demanded for a more detailed programme of the activities;
discontinuity of the activities carried on by deBuren and those proposed by Love Difference (vertical/orizontal approach)
Second evaluation:
it is decided that there will follow a long term evaluation (by 60 days from today), elaborated after the filling of a questionnaire (Emanuela is charge for it).

_Discussion on the themes, methods and structure of the Workshop in Graz
_Definition of the dates for the Workshop in Barcellona: beginning December 2008 [to be confirmed by Hangar and Love Difference]

Sunday 11th May 2008 h 9.30-13.30

_Discussion about the final event: Luise proposes to organize a concert in Bruxelles of an orchestra of contemporary music composed by 10/15 musicians coming from different countries.
Aims of the final event: Invite funders useful for the future of the project; strenghten relations created during the project; empower communication
Dorian proposes “flaget” and the “bourse theater” as locations
Luise proposes to have a speech of Michelangelo Pistoletto during the event
Paolo proposes to invite the musician and composer Cameron Sinclair
The proposal seems to be too expensive, so we discuss about the possibility to make an event in streaming, with a video conference and a “performance” in each country of the partners.
Pedro from Hangar will prepare and send to everybody a proposal about this possibility

_Discussion about the Ws in Barcelona: the topic will be estethics and ethics. Love Difference will discuss privately with Hangar its role and the contents on the Workshop
Love Difference will curate the evaluation of the workshop following the objectives that still have to be defined.

_Discussion about the Ws in Graz: Paolo proposes to have two groups during the WS, one composed by “professionals”, another by young people.
Topic: Heimat
11th Oct afternoon: city walk-moving conference
12th Oct: lectures-open space
13th -17th Oct: Workshop
18th Oct: Final presentation
Before the Workshop a coordination meeting will take place from 9.00 a.m of the 10th October to the 1.00 p.m. Of the 11th October
Meeting between Filippo and Luise planned around 11th-12th July, visit to the context of Graz and definition of the structure of the ws.

_ Discussion about Unidee and As Tide:
The theme of the Un idee ws will be “intercultural dialogue”.
All the partners will send a representative during the Unidee Residence, we still have to define the dates and if all the partners will come together or separated.
Pedro will have a contribution with the residents of Unidee on the theme “free knowledge and art”; Luise on the matter “identities”; Dorian on the subject “economic mechanism in society for young artists; we have to define the theme of the contribution of someone from St James.
The structure of the meeting with the artists will be: 1hour of presentation (during the morning) to which will follow a discussion (during the afternoon)

_ Discussion about communication:
Internal communication: the group decides to have a mailing list (Pedro and Elisa will work on that)

External communication: website of the site with two levels of contribution, an internal working area and an external one (with case studies one can read and propose new).
How can one contribute to the website? The group decides that a person can edit his text without passing through the approval of one of the partners, the partners can write a comment on the text edited. So the editorial responsibility of the partners is in the comments, not in saying yes or no to the contents proposed by people.

_Proposal of streaming each workshop. Pedro will send a proposal via mail about the costs and what would be needed for doing it

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