- work and discuss on “Heimat”
- having a strong financial partner
- having the interest of the city of Graz
- network
- put knowledge, results and experiences into the big project AsTide
- work on specific questions in a larger frame

Hangar: strong points of the local context
- very active cultural context
- good conditions for production
- high level of awareness in cultural world
- previous experiences, both hangar’s and other project’s
- high level of awareness in neighbours: strong tradition of self organised entities, cultural associations, etc.
- good network of infrastructures for creating, showing, presenting…
- good network culture

St James Cavalier: strong points of the local context
- natural attitude of the local context
- be small could be a strength
- art and culture are at a “new starting point” (we can use this moment of new energies)
- ease of meeting people form different areas / places
- ability to interact on a natural level
- project could build an experience of SJC’s work on EYID
- history as a starting point


- difficulty in mobility (movement of artists)
- artists are not full-time (logistical and financial issues)
- a lack of proper political/social framework (immigrants seen only as a problem by political parties)
- difficulty in finding the right local technical experts
- creating the rights tools to have a meaningful dialogue
- connecting with society. How to interact

- nobody has time, everyone is too busy
- all cultural activities happen simultaneously
- private – corporate interests are far away from culture
- artists context tend to be autoreferencial and a closed elitist world: “art is for everyone but only a few know it”
- the “official” culture fosters a banal, blockbluster culture, that we sell all over the world: “ICN design”
- we are losing our memory in front of expectations, “design”, internatural style

- individualism and fragmentation
- difficulties in communication with (political) decision makers
- until now not a clear financial situation, could be that the project will be a little smaller than planned (via virgole extra)


- Exposing local artists to European / Med. Experiences in the following areas: philosophy, creativity, cultural phenomenon, best practices, multiculturalism,
- Creating dialogue with Maltese population on identity and mutliculturalism
- Creating dialogue with immigrants / new citizens about identity, multiculturalism (new roots/ old roots, sense of belonging, history, etc)
- Addressing to the social issue of different communities living and interacting in the same territory
- Acquiring new tools to read the past in order to better understand the present
- Using creativity as an instrument for social inclusion and social responsibility

- arts and ethics: tool, sustainability, the role of the artists, the relationship with the context, the possibility of change
- practical (artists): to develop tools further, to engage people to participate, to empower participants, to create new infrastructures, to crate a project following a good practice – web TV
- theoretical (artists, theoreticians, sociologists, philosophers):document “best practices”, case studies, articles for the publication via web or magazines

- create new knowledge (in open space)
- create unexpected artwork
- create a medium to share the knowledge
- work on concrete questions
- having a symposium with researchers and artists
- work and reintroduce “heimat” as a term of personal, cultural and intercultural meaning
- experience the value of Heimat of different cultures
- experience borders

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