Kick Off Meeting 14 16 Nov 2007


The object of the three days meeting was to introduce the partners of the project, take vision of the general budget and timing of the project, define the roles of the participants.

Cittadellarte: Paolo Naldini, Elisa Cicero, Cristiana Bottigella
Love Difference: Filippo Fabbrica, Emanuela Baldi, Noemi Satta
Hangar: Carme Romero
St. James Chevalier: Chris Gatt, Sara Falconi
Next Kunst: Luise Kloos

Wednesday 14.

Present people: Paolo Naldini, Elisa Cicero, Emanuela Baldi, Luise Kloos, Chris Gatt, Sara Falconi, Carme Romero, Cristiana Botticella, Chiara Bovio

. visit cittadellarte premises and exhibition
. quick insight of what cittadellarte is/does and the university of ideas
. meet michelangelo pistoletto
. know the background issues and experiences that brought cittadellarte to conceive astide networks project and
. examination of the various phases and activities
. budget and rules (with the assistance of Chiara Bovio, APRI spa, Milano)

. emerged issues:
1. need to define aims/target
2. need to talk about methods
3. need to talk about evaluation and indicator
4 we don't need selection panel: each workshop will be co-desigend by partner and cittadellarte/lovedifference team
5. graz's plans and proposed changes (to be discussed further after presentations)
6. as St. James's case, every partner will have 1 person participating in all workshop

Presentation of Cittadellarte, promoter of the project: the place, the exhibitions, the activities of the offices, main projects.
Definition of the roles of As Tide: Paolo Naldini head of the project, Elisa Cicero administrative coordinator; a steering committee composed by a representative from each partner (Luise Kloos for Kunst, Chris Gatt for St.James, Dorian Van der Brempt for De Buren – by indication of Naldini, Hangar still has to indicate a person). Technical team is not composed in names, but it is decided to have one person/two people per partner in it. Cittadellarte indicates Love Difference as its technical coordinator. For the selection panel it is decided that there is no need of a collective decision of the five partners, digital communication will be used for this step.
Budget is analysed in detail, clarifying all the possibilities of changes. Regarding these last ones ( and specifically for what concerns the number of participants to the workshops) they are minimal and only sectorial, it is proposed to guarantee the presence of a representative per partner (in the person of an artist or a coordinator) in each workshop.
This will be achieve shifting cost from one voice to an other, as well as a additional funding research. (for example the amount save from the journey of De Buren absent at the first meeting, could be eventually use as indicated before).
Malta had already proposed itself with such idea, others recognize this is a good means for continuity and exchange, and they are willing to be part of it. It is proposed to eliminate next general meeting in order to save budget for the above-mentioned proposal. Any even minimal variation in budget, timing and number of partecipants can be done after notification to Brussel and by official procedure.
Unidee program is a focus planning for the oncoming workshops planned in 2009 in Malta and Graz. The artists, who will take part from July to October 2008 to the program of residence in Cittadellarte, will have to be selected by the partners with the purpose of contributing to the further future development of the As Tide workshops planned for 2009. The selection of the appliers should therefore privilege people with good organizative and creative capabilities.

Thursday 15.

Present people: Paolo Naldini, Elisa Cicero, Emanuela Baldi, Luise Kloos, Chris Gatt, Sara Falconi, Carme Romero, Cristiana Botticella, Filippo Fabbrica, Noemi Satta

. quick recap
. presentation/discussion sessions:
to access the full board of notes and comments, click YELLOWCARDS SESSION
1. Love Difference:
2. Hangar
3. Luise Kloos
4. St. James

Presentation of Love Difference the association for the intercultural dialogue born in Cittadellarte in 2002:
Love Difference, whose role within As Tide is of coordinating the workshops together with local partners in Bruxelles, Barcelona, Graz and Malta.
Love Difference offers its experience in leading workshops with interdisciplinary groups, the team practices shared planning to make the groups develop art for social transformation. Love Difference will take part to every event with the aim of coordinating and linking together all the activities of As tide.
Presentations of Hangar, Kunst and St James.
During all the presentations (as well as during LD presentation), each of the present people take key words notes answering these points:
a. What did you like?
b. Was there anything that surprised you?
c. What can be useful for your organisation?
d. Common issues (with your organisation)
e. Different issues (")
After this step Emanuela, Noemi and Filippo (Love Difference team) coordinate some group activities meant to focus the common objectives of the project and let emerge new points of view.
Reflection on:
a.. As Tide goals
b.. As Tide expectations
c.. Strong points of the local context
d.. Weak points of the local context
(See mental maps).

Friday 16.

Present people: Paolo Naldini, Elisa Cicero, Emanuela Baldi, Luise Kloos, Chris Gatt, Sara Falconi, Carme Romero, Filippo Fabbrica, Noemi Satta.

After several reflectionsession
1. what we can give and take from each other's organization
2. what we can give and take from the different workshop
3. roles
4. expectations
5. time frame
6. planning

After several reflections it is decided to have a second general meeting, so reversed the proposal of Wednesday to eliminate it. Being the budget limited, each partner will individually save money from some voices of the budget or provide additional funds to cover the costs of its eventual presence at the workshops of the other partners.
Next meeting will take place in Cittadellarte in January with the following agenda:
a. meet De Buren
b. objectives and programs of local workshops
c. “red thread” which links the workshops
d. communication strategy
e. expansion of the network / network map
f. magazine geo change
g. final event
During the meeting we will analyse the planning grilles that the partners will have elaborated with Love Difference via email, on the indications in them contained we will start to project the local workshops and will create the conditions for the “red thread” linking all the events.
The next meeting is planned from the afternoon of the 22nd January to the late afternoon of the 24th.
After further communications the change in timing/location of the workshop in Graz in April 2008 instead of Barcelona is still to be defined.

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