Proposal For The Magazine

The six-monthly review proposed in the project and approved as idea by the Commission could function as “fil-rouge” between the Residence in Biella and all the Workshops. The review, published both off line and on line, becomes in this way not only an instrument of dissemination for the results of the project but above all the real link between all the activities of the project.

The participants to the Workshops will not only discuss on the specific themes proposed for each of them, but they will also experience in a more practical way the observation/reading of a territory. The participants will be given the instruments necessary for the communication of the information and reflections coming from the workshops about the theme of art for social transformation. During each Workshop an editorial team will be built and it will work in network on the production of the magazine Geo-change.

So the idea is that the participants to each Workshop become the "correspondents" for the review at local level, writing articles themselves about the output of the WS or collecting articles, interviews, stories and pictures from their country regarding projects, events, organisations, institutions, industries, associations, groups that are involved in social responsible transformation.

The single Workshops, each of them with its different objectives and themes, will represent moments and occasions for the activation on the territory of participative dynamics and of a true committee of research and dissemination on a Geography of change.
From a practical point of view:
- In each Workshop will be discussed the themes decided together with the local partners
- In each Workshop the participants are given (with the"learning by doing" method Love Difference presented during the kick-off meeting) the instruments for reading the territory, communicate the results and for the development of editorial skills
- The review will also allow to put in contact the participants to the WS in Brussels to the UNIDEE residents coming from Hangar, St James and Next Kunst. The residency will be a starting point for the very first nucleum of activation: during this period in fact the two Belgian will implement their works on the review and will also meet the future "correspondents" for the review in their home countries.

Through this proposal, we aim at activating in each partner's "orbit" a tool for keeping the activities ongoing for the time of AsTide project and hopefully beyond: we want to explore and pursue the possibilities to generate "local publishing committees".

These bodies would take their first momentum from the local workshops:
Cittadellarte/Love Difference - in an as tight as possible collaboration with each local partner - will displace their skills in fostering the grounds for a team-project sharing vision on art and society. We have to promote self organisation and horizontal structures. We have to understand from each local group their expectations and the competencies they will be happy to share.
The most important element of this picture is represented by the very "local" AsTide partner: each partner has to identify potentials they find in this scenario.

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